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Fetishes, wigs, guarantees: A timeline of Rex Ryan’s Jets years

With ex-Jets coach Rex Ryan returning to MetLife Stadium on Thursday to face his former team, here is a look back at his time with Gang Green. From dropping 106 pounds to dropping colorful quotes and comedy gold, here is a timeline of Ryan’s reign, from the bombastic beginning to the bitter end. Jan. 21, 2009: Ryan arrived with bravado, announcing at his introduction “You give me four years, we should win the championship. … I think we’ll get to meet [President Obama] in the next couple of years.” June 3, 2009: Clearly unafraid of the Patriots, the dons of the AFC East, Ryan told WFAN “I never came here to kiss Bill Belichick’s rings. I came to win. … I’m certainly not intimidated by New England or anybody else.” June 10, 2009: During a weeklong war of words with Miami LB Channing Crowder, Ryan opened it with “if [I] was younger I’d probably handle him myself” and closed with “I’ve walked over tougher guys going to a fight than Channing Crowder.’’ Sept. 20, 2009: At least for a day, Ryan backed up his bluster by beating the Patriots 16-9 in his first home game. Nov. 16, 2009: Gets in touch with his emotional side, crying during a speech after a loss to Jacksonville the day before. Dec. 20, 2009: Made a math mistake in pronouncing his team eliminated at 7-7 following a 10-7 loss to Atlanta. “We’re obviously out of the playoffs and that’s unfortunate.” But they obviously weren’t, reaching the AFC Championship. Jan. 9, 2010: Ryan not only claimed his 9-7 wild-card team should be Super Bowl favorites but handed out monthlong schedules for the entire postseason, including a date for a potential post-Super Bowl parade up the Canyon of Heroes. Jim Caldwell and Rex Ryan after the Jets’ 2010 AFC Championship loss.Photo: Charles Wenzelberg Jan. 17, 2010: Gang Green upset the second-seeded Chargers 17-14, ending San Diego’s 11-game winning streak and reaching the AFC Championship. Jan. 24, 2010: The Jets jumped ahead of Peyton Manning and the Colts 17-6 and seemed headed to the Super Bowl before allowed 24 unanswered and losing 30-17. Jan. 30, 2010: Maybe Ryan was still stinging from that collapse against the Colts when he gave Dolphins fans the finger at an MMA event in Sunrise, Fla., and was fined $50,000. Aug. 5, 2010: During camp, Ryan wrote “Soon to be Champs” on ESPN’s bus. Sept. 2, 2010: On HBO’s “Hard Knocks,” Ryan gives his team an earful, imploring it to be the team it’s supposed to be and concludes with “Let’s go get a goddamn snack.” Nov. 10, 2010: Ryan shows up dressed as his twin brother Rob (then Cleveland’s defensive coordinator), wearing a shaggy wig, a Browns cap and t-shirt with a pillow stuffed under it. He said “I think Rex is a great coach, a great person. He’s very handsome.” Dec. 22, 2010: Just three days after a huge 22-17 win over the Steelers, Ryan was answering different questions — about a foot fetish video featuring he and wife, Michelle: “Obviously, I knew these questions were coming. But this is a personal matter and I’m not going to discuss it.” Jan. 16, 2011: Gang Green goes up to Foxborough and knocks off the top-seeded Patriots 28-21 to reach a second consecutive AFC Championship. It never got this good again for Ryan. Jan. 23, 2011: Pittsburgh 24, Jets 19. After spotting the Steelers a 24-0 lead their comeback fell just short, and they haven’t made the playoffs since. Feb. 25, 2011: Ryan flashes that typical bravado at the NFL combine, saying “I believe this is the year we’re going to win the Super Bowl. I thought we’d win it the first two years, but I guarantee you we’ll win it this year.” Ryan and HolmesPhoto: Tim Farrell Aug. 13, 2011: Perhaps confused on what a captaincy entails, Ryan picks WR Santonio Holmes in a move that ends up backfiring. Holmes groused and sniped with teammates all year, and Ryan didn’t name captains after that. Nov. 13, 2011: After a poor first half during a Sunday night game against the Pats, rabbit-eared Rex tells a fan to “Shut the f-ck up” after the heckler says Belichick is better. This time he gets hit for $75,000. Nov. 17, 2011: Ryan is attended to by paramedics after Denver’s Tim Tebow caps a 95-yard drive with a winning TD in the final minute of a 17-13 Jets loss. Dec. 24, 2011: Giants RB Brandon Jacobs and Ryan get into the Christmas spirit, going chest-to-chest, with Jacobs yelling: “It’s time to shut up, fat boy!” after a 29-14 Big Blue win en route to the Super Bowl. Jan. 1, 2012: With a potential playoff spot on the line, Ryan is oblivious as offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer yanks Holmes late in a game against the Dolphins. The Jets lose 19-17, their third straight, and miss the playoffs. Jan. 11, 2012: Ryan replaces Schottenheimer with Tony Sparano, whose simplistic offense ranks 30th in the NFL and gets him fired after the first season of a three-year deal. March 21, 2012: Yes, GM Mike Tannenbaum executed the deal for Tebow, but Ryan backed it. Tebow gives Ryan agita again, creating a QB controversy with Mark Sanchez, barely ever playing and getting cut. July 19, 2012: Ryan reveals that after lap-band surgery, he went from 348 pounds (before the 2009 AFC Championship) down to 242. July 27, 2012: On the first day of training camp, Ryan pronounces, “I look at myself as the best defensive coach in football.” Aug. 13, 2012: The Jets hold a clandestine practice to go over Tim Tebow Wildcat plays that the media wasn’t permitted to report on. Dec. 2, 2012: Ryan finally pulls Sanchez after he throws three interceptions against the Cardinals and inserts Greg McElroy, who led the Jets to a 7-6 win. Ryan gives Sanchez the next two starts before reversing course in Week 16 to McElroy, who gets hurt, forcing Ryan to end the season with Sanchez under center. The tattooPhoto: Splash News pre bonded hair Jan. 4, 2013: Ryan takes a vacation to the Bahamas while the Jets are searching for a new GM, and gets photographed with a tattoo on his right arm picturing his wife wearing nothing except a Jets No. 6 Mark Sanchez jersey. It’s since been replaced with Bills-themed ink. Jan. 14, 2013: Ryan causes a three-car smash up in Bethlehem, Pa., after running a red light during rush hour. He plows his red Ford Mustang into another car, which then runs into a third vehicle, according to police reports. Jan. 24, 2013: The Jets name John Idzik as their new GM, making 2014 a make-or-break season for Ryan. “Right now, I’m going to be the best coach that he’s seen,” Ryan said. July 7, 2013: Long before he was a Bill, Ryan runs with the bulls in Pamploma. Video turns up online of him clinging to a barricade, struggling to hop the wall and yelling “Hold on!” as a raging bovine charges through. Aug. 14, 2013: Ryan doesn’t cut Geno Smith much slack due to a sprained right ankle, admitting the QB’s practice “was brutal. That was Geno’s worst day. … Obviously, the ankle’s part of it, but way too many picks.’’ Aug. 24, 2013: After Ryan’s ill-fated decision to put Mark Sanchez into a preseason game against the Giants resulted in Sanchez’s season-ending injury, Ryan gives an odd postgame press conference where he actually turned sideways to talk. “I can say anything I want. That’s the beauty of this country. I can answer it 100 times. I’ll stand backwards and answer the question. I’m going sideways.” Dec. 29, 2013: The Jets’ postgame locker room after a season-ending 20-7 win at Miami erupts when owner Woody Johnson announces Ryan is being brought back. Calvin Pace says it was like a playoff celebration, while Smith adds “You’d think we won the Super Bowl.” July 19, 2014: Scared of the Pats? Ryan tells The Post: “Somebody asked me if we focus on New England. Bullsh-t. We’re focused on us. We’re focused on us and how are we going to be better. I have to be honest, I don’t worry about them. They need to worry about us.’’ Nov. 6, 2014: Retaining his sense of humor, Ryan responds to the “Fire John Idzik” airplane banner flown over practice by flying a miniature remote-controlled helicopter over practice, with a tiny banner that reads “Go Jets.” Nov. 17, 2014: Ryan gets fined $100,000 for cursing at a fan as he walks off the field in the Jets’ 20-13 win over Pittsburgh. It brings his total for three off-the-field profanities to $225,000, more than enough to buy a muzzle. Dec. 29, 2014: Arguably the most colorful Jets career since Joe Namath (or John Riggins) ended when Gang Green announced Ryan’s firing on Twitter. That night, he’s on the field in Orlando for the Russell Athletic Bowl as his son, Seth, suits up for Clemson against Oklahoma.

No matter how high-flying the Patriots have been in recent years, when they’ve faced the Giants, they’ve faced their kryptonite. The last three times the teams have played, the Giants have won — and two of those were Super Bowls. Only seven players remain on the Giants roster from the team that last played — and defeated — New England in Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis in February 2012. Only two — Eli Manning and Zak DeOssie — remain from the 2007 team that stunned the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII in Arizona. Coincidentally, in both of those Giants Super Bowl title seasons that ended in upset victories over the Patriots, the teams met in the regular season. The Giants would love for history to repeat itself. On Sunday at MetLife Stadium, the 5-4 Giants get a crack at the 8-0 Patriots in a game that should go a long way toward identifying who this Giants team is, as well as where it is headed and how far it might go. Because, although they reside in first place in the NFC East by a half-game over the Eagles (who have one game in hand at 4-4), does anybody really know what this Giants team is? To date, their season has been wrought with inconsistency.remy hair extensions The most recent examples have come in the last two weeks. First, there was the embarrassing 52-49 loss in New Orleans, where Saints quarterback Drew Brees completely had his way with their defense. That was followed by Sunday’s road 32-18 win over the Buccaneers in Tampa, where the Giants did what they have had difficulty doing at times this season: Close out a victory in the fourth quarter. Granted, the 3-5 Buccaneers are hardly considered among the elite in the league, so it’s not as if the Giants returned home to New Jersey late Sunday believing they had turned their season around. But they took care of business, beat a team they were supposed to beat, and now they move up in class this Sunday. They move to the top of the class, in fact, against the defending Super Bowl champions, who have looked virtually unbeatable this season. You look at the way the Patriots have played this season and then you look at the remaining games on their schedule and you wonder who’s going to keep them from going undefeated. The Giants, albeit a different team with a different roster, have done it before. Their common denominator is Manning, who will not be intimidated at the sight of the Patriots. So maybe Manning, in his own understated way, can carry some of that swagger over to the rest of the team as it prepares this week. “They’re undefeated, one of the top teams in this league … so it’s going to be a challenge for us [to] go out there and step up to the plate and see where we stand,’’ receiver Rueben Randle said Monday. “We want to be one of the better teams in this league and this is the challenge that we need.’’ It is, indeed, a litmus test. Considering how vulnerable the Giants’ defense has looked, with its passive pass rush, some might consider it a frightening test. It is easy to let your mind wander and wonder: If Brees threw for 505 yards and seven touchdown passes against the Giants last week, what might Brady do to them? This game figures to do one of two things to the Giants: Further expose their weaknesses and demoralize them, or show them that they can be legitimate contenders in the NFC. “Every game is a big game, but arguably the best team in the NFL is coming to our stadium and it’s going to be a big game,’’ said linebacker Jonathan Casillas, who played the second half of last season, including the playoffs and Super Bowl, with New England. “Tom Brady has played a lot of big games and he’s won a lot of big games on the road as well as home games. He’s consistently done it and they’re riding high right now. We’re definitely going to have to play lights out to beat these guys at home.’’ Randle, trying to downplay the elephant in the room, said the Giants are “trying to approach it as another week.’’ Except that this isn’t another week. It’s a week that could shape the second half of the Giants’ season.

It sounds as if Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick will indeed have surgery on his injured left thumb Friday, the day after the Jets play the Bills. Neither Fitzpatrick nor coach Todd Bowles would confirm that a decision has been made, but Fitzpatrick sounded as if he was fairly certain he will have the thumb fixed Friday. “We’re kind of weighing different options right now,” Fitzpatrick said. “Obviously I don’t want to miss any time or any games. The decision is going to be based off that.” The belief is Fitzpatrick could have the surgery Friday and be ready in time for the Jets’ next game, Nov. 22 against the Texans. Playing on Thursday night gives Fitzpatrick three extra days’ rest before the next game to have the surgery done and start the healing process. The alternative is to wait until after the season to have the surgery, but it gets more complicated as time goes on because the ligament can move and shrink. Fitzpatrick tore the ulnar collateral ligament in his left thumb Nov. 1 in the Jets’ loss to the Raiders. He missed all but two plays of that game after the injury, but returned to play the Jaguars this week. Fitzpatrick played with a glove on his left hand that included a molded brace around his thumb to stabilize it. “There’s a chance it could get damaged, but the way they have got it bandaged up, he’s been OK with it,” Bowles said. “It’s better to try to fix it now than to go all season if we can do it.” Fitzpatrick said he only made concessions for the thumb on two plays Sunday. One came on a play-action pass when he kept both hands on the ball. He said the thumb was on his mind on the other play and he did not get rid of the ball in time. He said he was in no pain, and center snaps and handoffs were not a problem. “I was surprised at how little an issue it was,” he said.perruques cheveux naturels If Fitzpatrick does have the surgery Friday, the issue would be if the hand is hit. The regular healing process from the surgery can take multiple weeks. Fitzpatrick would also need to make sure the incision healed before he played. That is the hope with the extra days to recover before the Texans game. “I don’t want to miss any games,” Fitzpatrick said. “We’re making sure that we’re talking about all the different options and possibilities and percentages and all that. That’s why we’re still mulling it over.”

Dion Lewis has become that fleeting girlfriend from your adolescent years. She arrives at school one day, the new girl. You hit it off quickly before your pals even know she’s there. Then, as suddenly as she arrived, she moves again, gone. You beat your fantasy rivals to the punch when you snagged Lewis off the waiver wire early this season. He was a fantasy gem. You were happy together. Now he’s gone, reportedly lost for the season with an ACL tear in his left knee. It’s a heartbreaker for fantasy owners (not to mention the Patriots and Lewis himself). Problem is, unlike the old “there’s plenty of fish in the sea” axiom, there really isn’t a lot of replacement fare to be had on fantasy waiver wires. The first place to start is with the obvious. James Starks is like the girl next door. You’ve been stealing glances, she’s prettier than you’ve given her credit for, but you preferred BFF Eddie Lacy. Besides, Starks probably is taken anyway. perruques cheveuxSurprisingly, not really. Starks is available in about 60 percent of ESPN and Yahoo leagues, though certainly less in more competitive formats. After trumpeting the oncoming Lacy train for weeks now, it’s time to give up on him winning back the true feature role. Starks can be a satisfying companion for the rest of this fantasy run. Equally as available is Karlos Williams. He’s like the girl on the other side of town you met not long ago. This girl is prettier than the girl next door, but she might be more temperamental — Williams’ fantasy production might be volatile, based on the health of LeSean McCoy. McCoy told the media he expects to play Thursday against the Jets despite leaving Sunday’s game with a shoulder injury. Always be more cautious about players listed as questionable on short weeks, so schedule a Thursday date with Karlos if you can. And even if McCoy makes it hard to meet up regularly with your new crosstown crush, Williams has shown he can produce even in a limited role. After that, the options become much less attractive. David Johnson is like the beauty queen with overprotective parents: Her dad lets her out of the house about as often as the Cardinals give Johnson the ball — which is to say, not much. You could make a run at Ahmad Bradshaw, but he’s like the girlfriend with the tag-along pal who never leaves. Unless something happens to Frank Gore, Bradshaw’s upside is limited. David Cobb is like a blind date. You’ve heard good things, but never have seen him in action — though you’re a bit worried by reports about his weight. Expect a fantasy relationship with Cobb to move slowly, as he tries to wrestle the job from Antonio Andrews. There’s no reason for the 49ers to rush back Carlos Hyde (foot). But choosing among Shaun Draughn, Pierre Thomas and Kendall Gaskins is like finding a girl at “last call.” Pick up any of the three, you’re going to wake up the next morning with a 49ers RB on your roster. Yuck.

Ben Roethlisberger, it seems like we hardly knew you. Well, we at least hardly got to know you again. After he missed four games earlier this season, the Steelers QB now likely will miss two weeks with a mid-­foot sprain. Fantasy owners will have to live without him until nearly the end of the fantasy regular season. Hopefully, you kept a quality alternative on your roster even after Roethlisberger returned, but if not, we are here for you. Don’t immediately go out and try to trade for a top-tier QB if the rest of your team is holding up well. You can stream passers and still win. In one of my leagues, my record is 8­-1, and I successfully used Jay Cutler, Ryan Fitzpatrick and even Matt Hasselbeck while Roethlisberger was out earlier. Derek Carr had a pair of three-­touchdown games coming into Week 9 before throwing for four more scores against Pittsburgh. If he is somehow still available in your league, he is worth a very hefty free-agent auction bid, or trade upward in a waiver process. Blake Bortles is more likely to be available. He threw for 381 yards against the Jets and should be a prime target on your free-agent list. Bortles has made significant strides as a passer in his second season, and though he does throw interceptions, his overall volume and yardage make his weekly totals quite good. Rookie Marcus Mariota totaled four TD passes for the second time this season in Week 9, and has some real appeal with a coaching change that is leading to his natural abilities being showcased more. Brian Hoyer has consistently delivered 17 or more fantasy points since Week 4. Fitzpatrick worked adequately through a thumb injury on his non­throwing hand against Jacksonville and has the advantage of working with a pair of top­-flight wide receivers. Tyrod Taylor is healthy again, has some additional rushing promise, and has just one game below 15 fantasy points in standard scoring this year. You may not feel fully comfortable with any of the names other than Carr, but winning in fantasy football comes down to production, not name recognition. You can win with any of these QBs without sacrificing other significant players on your roster. The position has good depth, and there is good life without having to make a reactive trade for a Drew Brees or Cam Newton. Don’t be afraid to move ahead without a marquee passer. Get ’em Devin Funchess, WR, Panthers He caught a 52-­yard pass and a 14-­yard TD against Green Bay. Newton has been making it work with much lesser wideouts, and Funchess finally seems like he is becoming more comfortable in the pros. He’s the most talented WR on the roster. Jay Ajayi, RB, Dolphins It’s essential to add him as the handcuff if you are a Lamar Miller owner. The rookie finally looked ready in Week 9 and is a promising inside presence. You want to have the clear handcuffs to your starters at this point if you can. Taiwan Jones, RB, Raiders He may be the first guy up for quality carries with Latavius Murray uncertain. But Jones is not built for a significant workload, so also keep watch on Marcel Reece and even Jamize Olawale. Shaun Draughn, RB, 49ers He totaled 96 yards from scrimmage against Atlanta and you won’t be able to trust Carlos Hyde to stay in the lineup. Draughn was versatile and good enough to warrant some flex consideration if you get in a pinch sometime soon. Ditch ’em Ahmad BradshawPhoto: Getty Images Ahmad Bradshaw, RB, Colts Yes, he scored this week, but he is not getting much work and should only be rostered if you need the handcuff to Frank Gore. Matt Jones, RB, Redskins lace front wigs He has done nothing of note since Week 2, and fumbled away any momentum he started to build for a short spell on Sunday. Orleans Darkwa, RB, Giants He received six carries against Tampa Bay, and will obviously not seize the lead role in a full-­blown committee situation. Pierre Thomas, RB, 49ers If you added him in Week 9, you may have wasted a free-agent pickup. He was out of work for the first eight weeks after missing the preseason, too, and cannot be relied on for any real meaningful production at this important time of the year. You can find Scott on the Fantasy Sports Network (FNTSY) on RCN Cable Ch. 583 (HD) and Ch. 367 (SD), Cablevision Ch. 238 and on Sirius/XM Fantasy Sports Radio weekdays from 6­9 a.m. Post readers can take advantage of a special offer from FNTSY by entering promo code “post” at fantasysportsnetworks.com/post.

The Jets need a kicker. Nick Folk is out for at least four weeks after suffering a right quad injury during pregame warm-ups Sunday. Folk did not kick at all in the 28-23 win over the Jaguars, but served as the holder on extra points, handled by punter Ryan Quigley. Folk underwent an MRI on Monday. It is not clear exactly what that showed, but it was bad enough for the doctors to give a timetable of four-to-six weeks for Folk’s return. With that in mind, the Jets tried out four kickers on Monday. According to a source, Billy Cundiff, Garrett Hartley, Kyle Brindza and Randy Bullock all auditioned. “We have to sign one,” coach Todd Bowles said Monday evening. “We’re going to make a decision [Monday night].”cosplay wigs The Jets have a short week to figure this out with Thursday’s game against the Bills coming quick. Folk may wind up on season-ending injured reserve, Bowles said, if the team needs his roster spot. They are currently dealing with a number of injuries and it would be challenging for the team to keep two kickers on the active roster. The Jets are really banged up. C Nick Mangold (neck), G Willie Colon (knee), and CB Antonio Cromartie (deep quad bruise) are question marks entering this week, and it appears neither S Calvin Pryor (high-ankle sprain) or his replacement, Dion Bailey (high-ankle sprain), will be available. The Jets did not have a full practice Monday — just a walkthrough — but Bailey, Cromartie, Folk and Pryor did not participate. Mangold, Colon, FB Tommy Bohanon (shoulder), WR Eric Decker (knee), WR Brandon Marshall (ankle, toe), RB Bilal Powell (ankle) and CB Buster Skrine (shoulder, hand) would have been limited if the Jets practiced fully. “Everybody goes through it,” Bowles said of the injuries. “You’ve got guys on your team for a reason. You’ve got to understand why they’re on your team so when you put them in there you have to make sure you understand what they do. Injuries are going to happen. The thing is you have to win in spite of them.” There was a pretrial hearing in Sheldon Richardson’s case for resisting arrest in Missouri on Monday. Nothing major happened, and he did not have to attend. The judge issued a continuance for another hearing on Dec. 21, making it seem highly unlikely a trial will begin during the season. Bills RB LeSean McCoy (shoulder) did not practice. … The Jets signed OL Jarvis Harrison to the practice squad after he cleared waivers Monday. The team cut Harrison, its fifth-round draft pick this year, to clear a roster spot on Saturday.

A season that looked like it had a good chance of ending in the Super Bowl is starting to unravel a bit for the Packers. The NFC as a whole is still weak enough that Green Bay’s championship hopes are far from dashed, of course, but it’s definitely time for concern — if not something close to panic — in Packer Land after their 37-29 loss Sunday to the unbeaten Panthers. The setback was Green Bay’s second in a row, leaving Aaron Rodgers & Co. at 6-2 and two full games behind that same Carolina team in the race for home-field advantage in the conference. That’s hardly a death knell for Mike McCarthy’s Packers, considering their most recent Lombardi Trophy was earned entirely on the road as a wild card in 2010. And that team, like the 2015 version, thrived despite a mountain of injuries. Packers tight end Richard Rodgers takes a hit from the Panthers’ Luke Kuechly.Photo: AP But all the injuries — five key players are on injured reserve — have caught up with Green Bay after a 6-0 start, leading to a near-total collapse on defense. The defensive woes began out of nowhere three weeks ago, when the Packers gave up 548 total yards in a 27-20 home win over the Chargers. They continued the following week in a Denver, when the Broncos gouged Green Bay for 500 yards, and got no better Sunday as the Panthers piled up 427 yards in a game they led 37-14 in the fourth quarter. The big problem defensively is Green Bay can’t get any pressure, which is compounding their pivotal injuries in the secondary. The Packers have just three sacks in the past three games, including none the past two contests, after piling up 20 sacks during a 5-0 start. The run defense also has collapsed, giving up 160 yards on the ground to the Broncos and 130 to Carolina. No wonder several Packers defenders could be seen nearly coming to blows on the sideline during Sunday’s defensive debacle in Charlotte. The defensive problems have coincided the last two games with arguably Rodgers’ worst career outing (77 passing yards against Denver) and a rushing attack that has disappeared after a fast start. The combination of Eddie Lacy and James Starks, which enabled Green Bay to run for 123 or more yards in its first four games, has broken the 100-yard mark just once in the past four contests and mustered a season-low 71 rushing yards against Carolina. All is not lost, though, thanks in large part to the Packers’ schedule. Three of their next four games are against the Lions and Bears (combined record: 3-12), so they could get back on track in a hurry. But it’s obvious from the past three games — and especially the most recent two — the time for that is now.